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until 1980

Mr. Munawer Ahmad first started as a small farmer growing basmati rice in Pakistan (in the Rabwah region). Within a short time he developed through his entrepreneurial talent to one of the largest and most renowned rice manufacturers of Pakistan.


Nine years later, his son Ahmed Javed emigrated to Germany to market his father's rice there. However, he quickly recognized the high demand for other foods and decided to expand the product range by founding a small grocery store called Star Asian Store in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

Mr. Ahmed Javed

2000 to 2016

In the meantime, the original retail business, with the support of Mr. Ahmed Javed's sons, has become a successful family business.In addition to the existing retail business, the focus has shifted to wholesale and as a result the size of the company has increased fivefold.

Vocational training since 2013


2017 until today:
Europa-Partner of established brands

Since 2017, the family-owned company is known as Star Food Impex GmbH and is today with its stores in Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen and Frankfurt established as a successful wholesaler and retailer of international products on the German and European market. As a supplier to wholesalers and retailers as well as restaurateurs and as an official distributor of many international brands, we have strengthened our market position.

We supply kiosks, restaurants and food markets in Germany and Denmark with our own supplier fleet daily.

We are wholesalers, logisticians and sales in one. We offer our customers a comprehensive, international assortment that they would not otherwise find a local supermarket. Be it pre-packaged or fresh food, drinks, cosmetics or non-food items.

Since the year 2000 we distribute our food through our branches and partner shops directly to African, Asian and increasingly also German retail customers.

Our newest subsidiary is due this year. in the heart of Hamburg, less than 5 minutes walk from Altona train station, a 300 square meter international supermarket will be built by the end of 2019 to meet the increasing demand.

Since 2018 we are also present on social media!


Star Food Impex GmbH
22159 Hamburg
Holstenhofweg 41 A
040/228 67 228 0

Harbour Warehouse:

Star Food Impex GmbH
20457 Hamburg
Veddeler Damm 42


Star Food Impex GmbH
22089 Hamburg
Menckesallee 29-31
040/29 82 12 00


Star Food Cash&Carry GmbH
30165 Hannover
Vahrenwalder Str. 67
0511 35741437


Star Asian Store
28219 Bremen
Waller Ring 137
0421 8394883


Masala House
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Allerheiligenstraße 23
069 281444