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Society & Environment

Sustainability, society and the environment

Global warming, scarcity of resources or demographic change: megatrends of sustainability will have a dramatic impact on our lives in this century.
These environmental phenomena present challenges to the world today. Star Food Impex is not waiting, but faces these challenges to reduce the associated risks. Because the obligations for this sustainable action are anchored in our values. We think and act, so that future generations can live as trouble-free as possible within the limited resources. The focus of our activities are the following three categories:

The human itself: By that we mean our customers and our employees. In order to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of life, we attach great importance to the freshness and quality of our products. In order to meet the needs of our employees as possible and to win and retain them for a long time for our company, we always pay attention to the work-life balance and flexible working hours.

The price: Since, especially in the context of rising food prices, a fair price is in the interest of the customer, we aim in this regard, to offer our customers the cheapest possible and fair price.

Our enviroment: We strive to increase the size of our company in the future in order to be able to address other potential customers and to fulfill their wishes and expectations. At the same time we will pay attention to and reduce the impact of the environment. In order to mitigate unwanted social consequences, we attach great importance to innovative technologies, solutions and products as well as regular sponsoring or donations to the needy.